3rd Session

Teacher B opens the session by briefly talking about wiki karma, the little battery charge-like indicator gradually filling up with bars according to “levels”, reflecting the user’s activity. Some of the students have started getting the first bar of karma next to their little avatar icon.

Teacher A again draws attention to the Pedersen Family Chronicle, and to its main character, Steinar. Asks what do you think Steinar is up to these days? Where did he go from 1972 to 2012? Then, this picture is displayed on the large screen:


Teacher A: how did he get to this?
The students, amused, go on to discuss possible scenarios. Has he invented biodegradable fuel? That would fit his flower power image from the 70s. Or is he in the music industry? Maybe he owns Spotify? Again, the class agrees that it should be purely fictitious. It is suggested that he is a stockbroker; the group settles with that. The teacher asks what kind of person he is. A student suggest: he is like Don Draper from Mad Men. Fools around with young girls, doesn’t really know what he wants. Keeps buying big cars.

The students are told to carry on writing. This time, they are given more specific instructions of what to do: start off a new page with some introductory lines, then add 2-3 suggestions for genre texts at the bottom of the page. The students turn to their texts, working mainly in pairs. As they write, they talk between them :
Are you working on the Retirement Home all by yourself? May I join you? I have some ideas, for menus and stuff…
What was the stock market like in 1974? Google it. I would search for ‘stock market’…Search for ‘broker’s company’ or ‘firm’…or ‘corporation’. Could it be called Pedersen Invest…no, SP something…or Inc or Financial…Pedersen Invest Trading perhaps, PIT or… SPIT Inc – yes!
Ok, now we’ve reached 1980…what do you become after trainee?
(to all:) is anybody writing that he’s moving anywhere? When did he divorce his first wife?

This session concludes the development of the wiki as such (although many of the students carry on writing on the wiki also after class and even in the weeks and months that follow).

Ten minutes before the class is dismissed, the students are asked to open their logs and complete today’s entry, based on the same questions as after the previous session. A student asks whether these are visible for all. Teacher B confirms that they are, in principle, and that this should be taken into consideration when writing. They will be moved to an inaccessible space after the wiki project is completed.

After they have spent some minutes on their logs, nearly all (10) the students turn back to their wiki texts and continue writing well into the break.

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