4th Session

This final session is devoted to a discussion about the Pedersen wiki project and about running wiki projects in general. We look at some of the pages that have been created during this 4-day span (93 in total at this point) and attached to the fictitious Pedersen universe: obituaries, diary entries, news reports, postcards, poems, songs, speeches, parent-teacher correspondence, job applications, advertisements, menus, party invitations; all intended to assume a certain historical flavor of either 1946, 1972 or 2012.

The discussion turns to a more general one about wikis and classroom projects. The students ask several questions about the administrator’s role and about the possibilities of setting up their own wikis.Teacher B demonstrates some functionalities they haven’t been made aware of (such as ‘orphaned pages’ and user profile pages where individual contributions are listed). We talk about privacy and access and decide to add a Tweet-button after the personal logs are moved within the next few days.

The last 10 minutes are again devoted to writing their logs, this time according to predefined questions.