Between first and second session

After the first session, the two teachers meet up to look at texts from the collaborative pads and to set up an infrastructure for the wiki based on these and the students’ oral input. The wiki is given the title “Familien Pedersen gjennom tidene” which roughly translates to “The Pedersen Family Chronicle”. We settle for a plain layout with a limited set of features available. The picture of Steinar Pedersen is placed in centre on the front page:


The top menu bar is made to include only a few, select features: a link to a “What is this”-page where the project will be briefly explained with a list of the students’ first names (these were later hyperlinked to individual log pages). Also, tabs to “all pages” and “latest changes” are kept from the original template as we consider them useful aids for navigation and for getting a overview of the developments that are to follow. Finally, the top menu bar includes a link to a separate “Start your own wiki?” page which will eventually be filled with useful startup tips and examples for those students who would like to start up their own wiki project later.

The side menu (far right) is not included until later in the process, when the three time periods (1946, 1972, 2012) appear, as well as a link to an image of the family tree. At the very end of the project period, social media tags were added, with the students’ approval.

Next to the picture, we put down the basic facts about Steinar as hyperlinks, corresponding partly to the categories the students have developed during the first session (the local community Maurskog, his parents Ruth and Oddvar). In addition, we include links to his primary school and to his sister Inger; these were points invented by the students on the collaborative pads. Together, these hyperlinked words would connect to most of the material so far created on the pads. The teachers do some minor “tidying up” editing on these pads; some stylistic and some moving around of content. The idea is that students should meet their texts again, this time on a wiki, and start editing from there – not just on “their own” parts but this time wherever they feel like.

After the first pages are created by us teachers in this fashion (basically cut and paste, with some minor alterations) we add a number of headlines under each page. At the bottom of the “Ruth” page, for instance, we add titles like Ruth’s diary, Ruth’s best recipes, Ruth’s Crafts booklet, and two “stories from the latest edition of the woman’s magazine Norsk Ukeblad”: At home with Liv Ullmann and Hat fashion this spring:


The idea behind these titles is to make the students expand the wiki universe and to encourage them to explore different genres in their writing. Most of the suggested titles would involve research such as looking up historical facts and searching for model texts.

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