Framdrift i prosjektet

Before meeting the students, the teachers had decided on a rough framework for the wiki: it was to revolve around a typical Norwegian family and should be set in three different years: 1946, 1972 and 2012. The teachers had decided on a picture taken from (labelled for reuse) which would serve as starting point for developing the story. The chosen picture depicted a youngish-looking man, resting on a motorbike and holding a guitar. The man’s hairstyle and outfit provided an unmistakable 1970s feel to the black-and-white photograph. Apart from this picture and the years, the teachers left to the students to decide the developments of characters and the narrative that would gradually emerge around them.

1st session
Between first and second session (teachers setting up the wiki)
2nd session
3rd session
4th session

In total, 92 pages were created.